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Have you always wanted to speak the beautiful language of the Portuguese/Brazilian people, understanding what they say, while you enjoy the nature of Brazil, the sun at lake Malawi, Mozambique or the rivers of Porto, Portugal? Well, don’t worry, at Una Paloma Blanca you’re at the right place. With our Portuguese language courses, you will understand Portuguese in a matter of time. We offer six different levels, Portuguese A1 to C2. The first two levels are known as the ‘beginners’, then we have the ‘intermediates’ and the last two levels are known as the ‘expert’ levels. With our native-speaking teachers, we’ll make sure you learn to speak, write and understand Portuguese in the most fun, fast and efficient way possible. 
Read more! Our friendly and loving teachers are always there to help and guide you during your Portuguese language course. Personal attention is very important for the language learning road. That’s is why at Una Paloma Blanca every teacher is going to help you to achieve your language goals, regardless of whether you are going to follow a private, group, or duo course. Our group courses are made in a way that they never consist out more than eight people, so the personal attention can be divided fairly. Our Portuguese courses aren’t just made up of the exercises from a book, but of interactive games and role-plays as well. Through this, we maintain the fun, fast and efficient method, which represents Una Paloma Blanca. 
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How the UPB experience works

1. enquire

Check our website for all the different courses we offer and find one that suits your level, goals and needs.

2. get informed

Inform our admin staff on your current level, which course you are interested in and any questions you might have. They will gladly help you get all the information you need.

3. sign up

After you have agreed to our proposal we will sign you up for your chosen language course. Now you're officially enrolled!

4. join!

In fun, interactive and creative language lessons our experienced teachers will bring your language skills to the next level!

5. complete

Yay! You finished your course. Congratulations! After completing your course at Una Paloma Blanca we are happy to award you with a certificate of Participation.

6. continue!

Are you not ready to stop learning? Do you want to raise your skills to the next level? That is great. Una Paloma Blanca is more than happy to help you continue your studies.

AI / A2

For beginners, we offer two levels: A1 and A2 Portuguese. At level A1 the language is completely new to you, you maybe know how to say hi, but with the UPB Portuguese course in no more than a few weeks introducing yourself, reading a menu, and asking for directions won’t be a problem anymore. At A2 you’ll know more about the Portuguese language and culture. You’ll be able to talk about the past and have longer conversations. If someone is speaking to you, you can understand and speak the basics. 

BI / B2

At levels B1 and B2 we call you a paloma, also known as an intermediate. At these levels, you’ll learn how to start and maintain a conversation. Your Portuguese speaking skills will improve by practicing, using various speaking exercises, based on your interests. From now on your Portuguese vocabulary will grow and you’ll be able to do more than just order port in Porto. After these Portuguese courses, you can walk with confidence through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Portuguese speakers can understand you, vice versa. Have you always wondered what the secret of port is and would you like to see it for yourself or even make it? Well, at B2 level you will be able to speak even faster and have more complicated conversations, the perfect time to answer all these questions!

CI / C2

You’ve made it to the last levels, the expert levels, C1 and C2 Portuguese. At these levels, you will become the next expert in speaking the Portuguese language. We’ll teach you how to speak Portuguese in such a way that the native population won’t even notice that you’re not Portuguese. These courses are specially made to refresh your current language skills, to master the Portuguese language. Doing business with Portuguese speaking countries has never been so easy. By digging deeper into the grammar and expanding your Portuguese vocabulary to the fullest, you’ll learn how to speak and write formal Portuguese. 


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"After following the Business English Program at the language school, I noticed my confidence with the language increased quite a lot"

I had already a very good English level before I got lessons from the teachers of Una Paloma Blanca, but after following the Business English Program at the language school, I noticed my confidence with the language increased quite a lot, specially when it came to speeches and team presentations. Thank you very much for all your help!

"I liked most that the team of teachers immediately understood my needs and they focused on my preferences helping me achieving my goals in no time."

Because I work in a department where English skills are very important to communicate with clients, I decided to follow a private intensive English course where I could quickly brush up my English knowledge and bring my writing and speaking skills to a C1 level. I liked most that the team of teachers immediately understood my needs and they focused on my preferences helping me achieving my goals in no time.