Amusing games, actualities and unique activities are the heart of the lessons of Una Paloma Blanca.

A personalized approach with each student allows the teacher to maximize the students' abilities rapidly.

Our engaging method based on conversation skills grants you the power to make your goals a reality.


Language learning at Una Paloma Blanca

Una Paloma Blanca provides training in 9 languages - English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin and Polish - taught by licensed, experienced, native-speaking teachers. Each course begins with an assessment of your current level in the language you want to study or practice. To support our method, we have a selection of the best teaching materials available for each language, supplemented with proprietary materials such as books, games, and digital media.

Pichon (Beginner)

Levels A1/A2

As a PICHON you learn in a few lessons how to introduce yourself, how to understand a menu and you learn to ask for directions.

In this level we give attention to the fun and practical matters to get you started quickly with the language of your choice.

Together we work on the problems of learning a foreign language in a fun and efficient way.

Paloma (Intermediate)

Levels B1/B2

As a PALOMA you learn how to have a basic conversation. We go deeper into the grammar issues and we do educational games to get an even better understanding on the language that you want to learn.

We’ll have conversations about actualities and topics of your choice/interest/discipline to enrich your vocabulary and to stimulate your learning energy!

Paloma Blanca (Expert)

Levels C1/C2

As a PALOMA BLANCA you learn how to speak a foreign language perfectly! In the lessons we address the small grammar issues.

This course is ideal if you want to refresh your language skills or if you want to do business abroad.

Together we talk about interesting topics and after a while even a local will not notice you are foreigner!

The Lessons

Preperation for CEFR exams

The teachers at Una Paloma Blanca can help you in reaching your goal when you are studying for an official exam. Exams are provided by national institutes, they also hand out the official certificates. If you are interested in doing an official exam, ask one of our teachers for more information.

Group, duo or private lessons

At Una Paloma Blanca we offer you these forms of language education. In groups you will study with other people with the same level in the language you would like to learn. Groupsizes vary from 3 to 8 persons. In the duo classes you can study with your (business-)partner or a friend. Progress is faster and you will be able to personalize the lessons according to your needs. Private lessons are even more personal and progress will be even higher.

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Language education has been divided into 6 levels (called Common Reference Levels) according to the European standards set by the CEFR. The teachers at Una Paloma Blanca can teach you in any of these levels, wether you are a novice or an expert.


Our Method

By talking you will understand any language!

This simple fact forms the basis for our method of language education. In our lessons we’ll talk about actual events and we’ll practice with educational games and the best exercise books available.

At Una Paloma Blanca we would like to know what you want to learn and why. What is your goal? A holiday in France or immigration plans to Spain, a fiancée in England or a new job in The Netherlands? With our knowledge of language teaching we’ll construct an individual study plan for you. Whether you study in private lessons, duo lessons or in one of the group lessons. We strive to give you all the personal attention you need to help you to reach your goal.

To understand and learn a new language we let you practice in reading, writing and listening. Not in a dull study-the-book kind of way but in a fun, fast and effective way by playing games, listening to conversations, reading articles in magazines and newspapers and by discussing the news and other interesting topics.

How Much Is It?

Private/duo/group lessons, the choice is yours!

Una Paloma Blanca offers you the possibility to study your language in private lessons, with your partner or friend in duo lessons or in regular and scheduled group lessons. Prices vary according to the type of education you want.

Regular Groups

€ 225,00

  • 4 to 6 students
  • 12 lessons of 1.5 hours
  • once a week
  • in our classrooms
  • fixed schedule
  • organized by level
  • price per person
  • Efficient Groups

    € 255,00

  • 3 to 4 students
  • total of 10 lessons of 1.5 hour
  • twice a week
  • in our classrooms
  • fixed schedule
  • organized by level
  • price per person
  • Duo

    € 275,00

  • 2 students
  • total of 12 hours
  • in our classrooms or on your location*
  • no set schedule
  • level tested at beginning
  • price per person
  • lessons on location have a different rate
  • Private

    € 390,00

  • 1 student
  • total of 10 lessons of 1 hour
  • in our classrooms or on your location*
  • no set schedule
  • level tested at beginning
  • lessons on location have a differt rate
  • Efficient Groups

    € 255,00

  • 3 to 4 students
  • total of 10 lessons of 1.5 hour
  • twice a week
  • in our classrooms
  • fixed schedule
  • organized by level
  • price per person
  • Testimonies

    Because I work in a department where English skills are very important to communicate with clients, I decided to follow a private intensive English course where I could quickly brush up my English knowledge and bring my writing and speaking skills to a C1 level. I liked most that the team of teachers immediately understood my needs and they focused on my preferences helping me achieving my goals in no time.

    Casper Janssen - Rabobank

    I had already a very good English level before I got lessons from the teachers of Una Paloma Blanca, but after following the Business English Program at the language school, I noticed my confidence with the language increased quite a lot, specially when it came to speeches and team presentations. Thank you very much for all your help!

    Arancha Benet - PHILIPS

    Useful, interactive and practical. These are the three words to define the Dutch in-company training we had at Royal Haskoning DHV with the engaging activities developed by Una Paloma Blanca. In this Cursus Nederlands we learned not only how to get around in the Netherlands but also to able to communicate with our colleagues in Dutch!

    Mary Archila Lamus

    When it comes to businesses with international clients, languages are key. That’s why I decided to sign up for a speaking French course at Una Paloma Blanca. In a short time and with a tailored program I improved my French skills as quickly and steadily as possible, working around my busy schedule. Thanks to the commitment of my teacher plus the lesson plan and the follow up, my French speaking skills improved enormously.

    Marloes Schoutsen


    The school of UNA PALOMA BLANCA is only at 10 minutes walking of the Eindhoven train station and a direct bus stops in front of our door. If you have a car, you can park for free at the school or in the Rochus neighborhood that is close by.

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