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Learn Spanish words

Learning Spanish words might seem hard, but it can be done by anyone, with the right personal assistance and the right method! At Una Paloma Blanca, you too can learn Spanish words with ease. We use a method which can cater to anyone and which is fun at the same time. We offer group lessons on six different levels and will teach you the aspects of the Spanish language you are interested in.

Learning Spanish

Learning the Spanish language takes a lot of effort: your vocabulary, sentence construction, grammar, pronunciation, translating and understanding, reading and writing of Spanish words. And not just everybody has the same level. That’s why we offer Spanish lessons on six different levels. This allows you to continue where you left off or start from the beginning. You need to start somewhere, don’t you?

Learning Spanish words with our course

We have the opinion that when you dare to speak a language, you can learn any language you want. That’s why it is important to create a safe learning environment in which you’ll feel happy to show off your Spanish language skills. Our Spanish teachers will ensure a safe environment in which you dare to speak, ask and respond!

Our method

In order to learn a new language and to learn new words, in this case Spanish words, it is important to practice reading, speaking and writing. This can be done with the help of lesson and exercise books. We use those, but only as a starting point in our method. Because we strive to do as many interactive exercises and games as possible, to make sure you’ll master the Spanish language. We listen to conversations and songs, read bits from the newspapers and magazines and discuss recent and interesting topics. That’s what you’d call a fun method of learning!

Would you like to learn Spanish words?

You can come to us to learn Spanish words. Our Spanish teachers are eager to help you teach and assist you during the Spanish lessons. You’ll be understanding, speaking and reading Spanish in no time! Contact us for more information or for an introductory meeting!


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