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English lessons Rotterdam

Would you like to follow English lessons in Rotterdam, in order to improve your English, to start learning English or to further improve it? At Una Paloma Blanca in Rotterdam, we provide English lessons with you at the very center. Before starting the course, we’ll discuss your personal goals, so we can focus our lessons around those goals. Regardless if you are a beginner, advanced or expert, you can always follow English lessons at your level!

English lessons for beginners

We offer two different levels for beginners: A1 and A2. During these lessons you learn how to introduce yourself, how to ask for directions and how to read a menu. We start with learning the basics of the English language, allowing you to get started. During the English lessons, we focus on the practical elements of the English language.

English lessons for advanced

English lessons for advanced are meant for people who would like to learn how to have a basic conversation in English. There are two different levels as well: B1 and B2. We dive deeper into grammar and will improve your English vocabulary. We’ll increase your conversational abilities by working with various conversational exercises based on your interests.

English lessons for experts

During the English lessons for expert we learn you how to speak English flawlessly. We go even deeper into English grammar. We also learn you how to speak and write business English. We offer level C1 and C2. These courses are ideal for freshening up your current language skills or when you’re doing business abroad.

Group lessons, lessons in pairs or private lessons

At Una Paloma Blanca in Rotterdam we provide different kinds of teaching possibilities, besides the various levels. You can take private lessons, lessons in pairs or group lessons, for example. Regarding the group lessons, the group is never bigger than 8 trainees, which leaves ample room for personal attention and achieving the goals you set yourself.

Take English lessons in Rotterdam

Would you like to take English lessons in Rotterdam? Contact us for a non-binding meeting or for more information.


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