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Dutch language school

Are you looking for a suitable Dutch language school to take a Dutch course with? At Una Paloma Blanca we provide language courses in various languages, like Dutch. Whether you are about to start learning Dutch or when you already speak a bit of Dutch, you are always welcome to improve your Dutch with us. The language course has been divided into six levels, to make sure there is always a suitable level for you.

Language school Dutch course

At language school Una Paloma Blanca, we have several teachers ready to help you with your Dutch course. The Dutch course has been divided into six levels, which comply with European regulations, determined by CEFR. Our teachers in Eindhoven can help you improve your Dutch at any level.

Individual lessons or group lessons Dutch?

We offer extensive possibilities when it comes to following or Dutch language course. You can take a classical language course, takes lessons in pairs or enjoy private language lessons. Learning Dutch the way you want it! Our group courses per language course consist of at least three and at most 8 people. This ensures sufficient personal attention and guidance!

Having fun at our language school

First and foremost, we find it important that you’ll take a language course at a certain level with our Dutch language school. A level not too hard, but definitely not too easy either. We strive to provide personal attention as well, by setting up the lesson towards the requirements of every individual. But fun also plays an important part in our Dutch language school as well. We don’t work with standard learning methods, but rather use fun games and activities to make learning fun!

Want to follow a Dutch course at a language school?

Are you interested in following a Dutch course at language school Una Paloma Blanca? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Lessons in pairs or private lessons can start right away. Want to take a Dutch group course? Check our new dates for the group lessons. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!


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