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Language tutoring

It is so important for students to be able to track their progress, and feel confident to take their exams, when their way of learning has changed quite drastically. At Una Paloma Blanca, we understand the struggle students are facing, getting ready for their exams after a year of learning online.

Extra tutoring is a great way to get students up to speed not only academically, but personally, and to feel in control of their language progress.

Alongside the great work of their teachers, we at Una Paloma Blanca are offering tutoring classes in all of our major languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Polish.

Our tutors will work with the student’s current curriculum to further enrich and develop their knowledge of the subject.

Our teachers are trained to help you through any level, and reach both general and specific goals. At Una Paloma Blanca, we believe language learning should be fun, fast and efficient. We do this through various methods, tried and tested by our experienced teachers. We prioritise active communication, and work closely with the goals of the student so they see progress from the first lesson.

We use interactive content, current and relevant material, fun and active games, while keeping the environment centred around learning and achieving language goals. We recognise how important it is that students receive consistent teaching,that’s why our tutors will work with the student’s current curriculum to further enrich and develop their knowledge of the subject, keeping it relevant and in-line with their current learning pathway.

At our beginners level, students become familiar with the sounds of the language, and begin using simple sentences, with the goal of having simple conversations, describing their day, introducing themselves, as well as understanding the basic grammar of the language, learning to recognise and use it.

At our intermediate levels, students will use their elementary level of the language to develop and enrich their knowledge. We will begin looking at more complex grammatical structures and use them to naturally describe moments in time. It is at this stage when students learn to discuss the hypothetical, dreams and aspirations.

At our advanced levels, students learn how to use the language for complex professional and academic purposes. We learn about natural language and structures used by native speakers. It is at this level where the student becomes able to use the language in a variety of situations. They also learn how to read, understand and build complex texts on a wide-range of subjects.

6 steps

How the UPB experience works

1. enquire

Check our website for all the different courses we offer and find one that suits your level, goals and needs.

2. get informed

Inform our admin staff on your current level, which course you are interested in and any questions you might have. They will gladly help you get all the information you need.

3. sign up

After you have agreed to our proposal we will sign you up for your chosen language course. Now you're officially enrolled!

4. join!

In fun, interactive and creative language lessons our experienced teachers will bring your language skills to the next level!

5. complete

Yay! You finished your course. Congratulations! After completing your course at Una Paloma Blanca we are happy to award you with a certificate of Participation.

6. continue!

Are you not ready to stop learning? Do you want to raise your skills to the next level? That is great. Una Paloma Blanca is more than happy to help you continue your studies.