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Spanish course

Una Paloma Blanca in Eindhoven got you covered when you want to follow a Spanish course. We offer a wide range of Spanish lessons on several levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with learning Spanish or if you an advanced speaker already. Our Spanish courses are suited for everyone!

Spanish course

Depending on your level of Spanish, you’ll first learn the practical element of this language in our Spanish course. You will learn to introduce yourself, ask for directions and you’ll be able to ask questions and reply in a Spanish restaurant. When on holidays in Spain you won’t have to get nervous as your language skills will help you out. If you get to the next level, you’ll learn to master the Spanish grammar even better and we’ll practice with various role plays, allowing you to start a conversation with the Spanish people. Want to master the Spanish language during our Spanish course? No problem! During our Spanish course, we’ll learn you how to speak Spanish in such a way that even the local population wouldn’t notice the difference.

Follow Spanish course in Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, our teachers are always there for you, to guide and help you during the Spanish course. That’s because we think that personal attention is very important. We want you to achieve the goals you set yourself. Regardless if you decide to take group lessons, lessons in pairs or private lessons. We practice communication skills in Spanish based on the subject you’re interested in. We also think fun should be an important part of the lessons. Of course, learning comes first, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun whilst learning. The Spanish course isn’t just made up of exercises from the book, but of interactive games and role plays as well.

Interested in a Spanish course in Eindhoven?

Would you like to follow a Spanish course in Eindhoven? Contact us now! We’d like to meet you in person, so we can discuss your wishes and requirements in order to set personal goals. Together we’ll make sure your Spanish course in Eindhoven will be a success!


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