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Are you looking for a language school in Eindhoven to learn French? At Una Paloma Blanca you’ll be able to learn French at your own pace, we’ll look at your personal goals and personal attention is at the core of our teaching philosophy. It ensures that you’ll learn French quickly regardless of what level you’re on. Regardless if you are just starting out or if you are an advanced speaker, you can always improve your French with us.

Language school Eindhoven

Una Paloma Blanca is located in Eindhoven and is the place for various language courses, like Spanish, Italian, English and German. Our courses are divided into six different levels, which means that there is always a suitable level for you. Our teachers in Eindhoven are happy to help you to learn French.

Learning French

Before you start learning French, we’d like to know what you want to achieve, in terms of language improvement. Are you taking a holiday to France and would like to be able to speak some French words? Or do you have a French partner and want to improve your French. You’ve come to the right place in Eindhoven regardless. Whatever your personal learning goal, we will make sure you will achieve it!

Learning French in a fun way

We are of the opinion that you might make learning French fun. We might be a school, but we are a fun one! We don’t just learn French from a book, but rather in a playful an interactive way. We do use an exercise book, but use games, recent affair and role plays as well. Everything to make sure you will achieve your personal learning goal!

Learning French in Eindhoven

At Una Paloma Blanca in Eindhoven we offer you the possibility of learning French in a fun way, putting your personal goals first, making sure you are learning French in a quick and efficient way. Contact us for an introductory meeting in Eindhoven!


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