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Learn Dutch Eindhoven

Would you like to learn Dutch? Just arrived in the Netherlands or just want to improve your Dutch? Or do you prefer to improve your business Dutch in writing, reading and conversation? In Eindhoven, you’ll be just at the right place. Language school Una Paloma Blanca, located in Eindhoven, offers you personal guidance and lots of fun when you learn Dutch in Eindhoven.

Learn Dutch on any level

We can cater to any language level, regardless if you just started to learn Dutch or already speak Dutch a bit. We offer courses on six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The courses are being offered in Eindhoven by experienced and certified (native) teachers. Before starting to learn Dutch, we’ll assess your current knowledge of the language. We’ll also discuss your expectations and wishes regarding the language course. This allows us to provide you with better assistance and will make sure that we’ll pick the right level for you.

Learn Dutch in Eindhoven

Do you live near Eindhoven or are you looking for a suitable language school? Our language school is located in Eindhoven. Our teachers are always there to help you out when you learn and improve your Dutch. In Eindhoven, you can take classical, dual or private Dutch courses. Depending on the desired end result you can pick your preference. Of course, our teachers from Eindhoven are happy to assist!

Dutch for beginners, advanced and expert

As a beginner, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself, how to ask for directions and you’ll learn to read a menu. This course is mainly built around practical elements of the Dutch language. As an advanced, you’ll dive deeper into conversation techniques and grammar as well as expanding your vocabulary. If you are an expert, we’ll teach you how to speak Dutch flawlessly, but this level is also suited for people who would like to improve their business Dutch. Whatever level you’re on, we’re happy to help!

Would you like to learn Dutch at our language school in Eindhoven?

If you are interested or when you need more information you can always contact us! We always take your requirements and wishes into account, allowing you to achieve the desired result as swift as possible. We consider fun to be an important part of the experience and therefore, we’ll make sure to include lots of it when you learn Dutch in Eindhoven.


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