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Dutch lessons

In Eindhoven you are at the right place for following Dutch lessons! Una Paloma Blanca has the best Dutch teachers which can assist you in learning Dutch. During the Dutch lessons at Una Paloma Blanca you’ll learn Dutch in a fun and pleasant way.

Following Dutch lessons

Interested in following Dutch lessons? At Una Paloma Blanca we offer Dutch lessons at six different levels. This means that there is always a right level for you, whether you are a beginner, or an advanced user who already speaks quite a bit of Dutch. Not sure what your exact level is? No problem! We assess your current knowledge of the Dutch language before you’ll start your Dutch lessons. Not too easy, not too difficult and you’ll reach another level in an instant with our Dutch lessons.

Learning Dutch in your own pace

We offer you classical Dutch lessons, but lessons in pairs or privately are possible as well. If you decide to learn Dutch in a group you’ll never have more than 7 other trainees in a group, to make sure you’ll get proper personal assistance at all times. Want to learn Dutch superfast? Take private lessons or lessons in pairs. The Dutch lessons are adjusted to your experience level, to make sure you’ll progress quickly.

Fast, efficient and fun

At Una Paloma Blanca in Eindhoven we have three standards: fast, efficient and fun. This means that we want to help you to master the Dutch language as fast as possible. We’ll achieve this with personal assistance combined with our effective learning method. Fun is also an important part of our Dutch lessons. That’s why we won’t offer standard methods, but rather playful activities and assignment to ensure you’ll enjoy our Dutch lessons.

Do you want to follow Dutch lessons in Eindhoven?

Interested in following our Dutch lessons in Eindhoven? Feel free to contact us! All our lessons are in English, making them easy to follow.


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