Business English course

On this course, we will work to improve your interviewing skills, your conversation fluency, and the grammar you need to talk about work experience. Speaking is 80% of what we do, and we will teach you how to talk yourself up! Learn how to update your CV in English, and write great, eye-catching motivation letters.

Do you need something specific? No problem – this course can be tailored to suit your goals!

- You will learn how to use professional, formal English during your interview to impress your future employer.

- You will expand your vocabulary, learning how to present your skills in a clear way, both soft skills and hard skills.

- You will learn how to use English grammar correctly during your interview, and how to talk both generally, and specifically.

- We will learn how to answer the "what if..." and how to discuss future plans/situations.

- We will work on your CV together, using appropriate language, and learning how to discuss our CV.

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