November 4 2020

Useful info for expats

Help me pass my inburgeringsexamen before July 2021!

Yes. We have heard it too. The urgency to pass that inburgeringsexam before July 2021 is high, since the level to pass has been raised from A2 to B1. Keep Calm! You will pass your inburgeringsexamen with the aid of these tips and tricks.

  1. Make sure you can practice in social surroundings. Find creative ways to interact with native Dutch speakers. Even though it might be a challange now to meet people, it is important that you practice in social settings so that you will start feeling more confident about your skills for your inburgeringsexamen. What about online dates with Dutch friends, neighbors or colleagues? Our advice is to add a bit of fun to that. It is not a proven fact, but have you noticed that your language skills suddenly improve after a glass of wine? Hey if it works, it works right…
  2. Remember that all preparation takes time. Although the time is limited, there is still time left until July 2021. With a fast approaching deadline, it is important to have a tight schedule to prepare for your inburgeringsexamen. Plan the hours you will need to study ahead and stick to it. This is a perfect time to invest in yourself.
  3. You have planned your schedule ahead until July 2021 and you have an army of Dutch people willing to help you with your conversational skills. (You will probably need to keep reminding them not to switch to English.) However, if you are not confident you're being efficient enough though, seek some expert help. Get the support of a Dutch teacher who can help you prepare for your inburgeringsexamen.

With a tight plan like this, visualise the summer of 2021: It is warm and sunny again, you can go out again and you have passed your inburgeringsexamen. Isn't that a pretty picture?

Una Paloma Blanca is a language school that stands for a fun, fast and efficient way of learning with qalified teachers. We have the perfect ingredients in order to support you to prepare for your inburgeringsexamen. Feel free to contact us.