April 3 2020


Something to focus on.

And just like that, we are at home. There was such promise with the start of the new year and now we are all coping with the constant changes and uncertainties of this new life we seem to be living. The kids are restless and we can’t find enough ways to keep the family busy and we are all trying to keep our brains active while we pace from one room to another. My solution is to give my brain something to focus on. A new hobby can really help take everyones mind off things and give everyone something fun to do. Wether it’s a new language or a new craft, we can take time out for ourselves to do something we have never had time for before.

Life has gotten very still, lets use this for something positive that could enrich our lives going forward. If there is one positive thing that will come out of this situation it’s online learning. We can learn anything in the comfort of our own house. Lets use the internet for what it was intended for!

I have felt so overwhelmed having been put in charge of my children education so I decided to use the computer and YouTube for more than funny cat videos so I bought a banjo. The kids and I have had a blast watching videos and practicing. My Dutch Lessons are also continuing online and going very well. The kids thought it was funny when I told them that even mommies go to school. It really helped them stay motivated to do their own school work by seeing me continuing my work. Even my personal trainer is online now!

People always say that kids learn by watching and I am taking this opportunity to show them that learning comes in all forms and that learning never stops. I want them to see that education isn’t something that you finish. This is a great opportunity to show them that.

In these crazy times I think it’s important to try to stay positive and think about life returning to normal. I plan to return to normal speaking perfect Dutch, fit and playing the banjo!

Melissa Birdwell - English teacher