October 24 2019

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5 Dutch Sweets to Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings!

If you have a sweet tooth, the Netherlands is a great place to try new sweets. From mini pancakes to chocolate sprinkles, the Dutch offer a myriad of cookies, cakes and sugary toppings. Here are five definitely worth a taste!

1. Poffertjes
These mini pancakes are a sweet treat found at markets and during holidays, as well as in supermarkets. Though often served with hot butter and powdered sugar, you can douse your poffertjes in syrup or other sweet sauces, or add fruit to the top. Lighter and airier than traditional Dutch pancakes, these bite-sized treats are perfect for a snack or as an addition to a nice breakfast.

2. Kruidnoten
Available from October through Sinterklaas in early December, these bite-sized treats are a tradition across the Netherlands. Aniseed, cinnamon, white pepper and ginger give these cookies a unique flavor that once tried, people often find addicting. From the time they hit the grocery store shelves, you will find them being offered to you by friends and colleagues alike, so enjoy!

3. Hagelslag
Hagelslag, the most-consumed Dutch sweet, is the equivalent of sprinkles. The Dutch, however, do not use it as an ice cream topping, but rather on bread with a thick layer of butter. This can be a part of breakfast or lunch—or both! Over 750,000 slices of bread with hagelslag are consumed every day and over 14 million kilos of hagelslag are consumed every year. This popular topping comes in a range of chocolate flavors as well as fruit flavors so you can pick your favorite or keep your bread interesting by switching it up!

4. Stroopwafels
Originating in the city of Gouda, these cookies are popular throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Made up of two thin cookies joined together by a caramel filling, there is no shortage of sweetness. You can find stroopwafels almost anywhere: from markets to grocery stores, and vending machines to cafés. Best eaten lukewarm and with a cup of hot tea, you can warm your cookie by placing it over the top of your teacup for a minute before diving in.

5. Suikerbrood
Sugary breads can be found throughout the Netherlands, but what sets this Frisian treat apart is the amount of sugar in the bread—sometimes 40% more than other breads! In addition to the already sweet recipe, you find lumps of sugar throughout the bread. For some, this is the perfect addition to a celebratory breakfast, such as a birthday, but for others, the incredible amount of sweetness is best paired with a midday cup of coffee or tea. Either way, add some butter to your slice and let this suikerbrood melt in your mouth! 

Written by Emma Mayhood, an English teacher at Una Paloma Blanca. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio but was able to call the Netherlands home for the second time in early 2019. In addition to teaching English, she enjoys biking around Eindhoven, exploring new cities, and indulging in Dutch sweets.