Amusing games, actualities and unique activities are the heart of the lessons of Una Paloma Blanca.

A personalized approach with each student allows the teacher to maximize the students' abilities rapidly.

Our engaging method based on conversation skills grants you the power to make your goals a reality.


Dutch English Spanish French German Italian

Language learning at Una Paloma Blanca

Una Paloma Blanca provides language teaching in 6 languages, taught by licensed and experienced (native) teachers.
Each course starts with an assessment of your current knowledge of the language you want to learn or improve. For each language we have selected the best teaching materials available. To support our method of teaching, those materials have been completed with our own materials among which text- and exercise books, games and audio-exercises.

Levels A1/A2
As a PICHON you learn in a few lessons how to introduce yourself, how to understand a menu and you learn to ask for directions.

In this level we give attention to the fun and practical matters to get you started quickly with the language of your choice.

Together we work on the problems of learning a foreign language in a fun and efficient way.
Levels B1/B2
As a PALOMA you learn how to have a basic conversation. We go deeper into the grammar issues and we do educational games to get an even better understanding on the language that you want to learn.

We’ll have conversations about actualities and topics of your choice/interest/discipline to enrich your vocabulary and to stimulate your learning energy!
Levels C1/C2
As a PALOMA BLANCA you learn how to speak a foreign language perfectly! In the lessons we address the small grammar issues.

This course is ideal if you want to refresh your language skills or if you want to do business abroad.

Together we talk about interesting topics and after a while even a local will not notice you are foreigner!


Preperation for CEFR exams

The teachers at Una Paloma Blanca can help you in reaching your goal when you are studying for an official exam. Exams are provided by national institutes, they also hand out the official certificates. If you are interested in doing an official exam, ask one of our teachers for more information.

Group, duo or private lessons

At Una Paloma Blanca we offer you these forms of language education. In groups you will study with other people with the same level in the language you would like to learn. Groupsizes vary from 3 to 8 persons. In the duo classes you can study with your (business-)partner or a friend. Progress is faster and you will be able to personalize the lessons according to your needs. Private lessons are even more personal and progress will be even higher.

New data for group lessons


Language education has been divided into 6 levels (called Common Reference Levels) according to the European standards set by the CEFR. The teachers at Una Paloma Blanca can teach you in any of these levels, wether you are a novice or an expert.


Our Method

Method of teaching

By talking you will understand any language!

This simple fact forms the basis for our method of language education.
In our lessons we’ll talk about actual events and we’ll practice with educational games and the best exercise books available.

At Una Paloma Blanca we would like to know what you want to learn and why. What is your goal? A holiday in France or immigration plans to Spain, a fiancée in England or a new job in The Netherlands?
With our knowledge of language teaching we’ll construct an individual study plan for you. Whether you study in private lessons, duo lessons or in one of the group lessons. We strive to give you all the personal attention you need to help you to reach your goal.

To understand and learn a new language we let you practice in reading, writing and listening. Not in a dull study-the-book kind of way but in a fun, fast and effective way by playing games, listening to conversations, reading articles in magazines and newspapers and by discussing the news and other interesting topics.


Private/duo/group lessons, the choice is yours!

Una Paloma Blanca offers you the possibility to study your language in private lessons, with your partner or friend in duo lessons or in regular and scheduled group lessons. Prices vary according to the type of education you want.

€ 225,00
• 3 to 8 students
• 12 lessons of 1.5 hours
• in our classrooms
• fixed schedule
• organized by level
• price per person
€ 255,00
• 2 students
• total of 12 hours
• Una Paloma Blanca or your location
• no set schedule
• level tested at beginning
• price per person
€ 350,00
• 1 student
• total of 10 lessons of 1 hour
• in our classrooms or on your location
• no set schedule
• level tested at beginning




    Hi, I’m Carlo van den Boomen and I would gladly teach you the beautiful Dutch language. Speaking the local language is very practical. It makes it easier to do groceries, to find a job, or to make new friends. Language is also an important part of art and culture, symbolized by for instance poetry, lyrics, sayings and slang. Through Dutch you will get to know the Netherlands and its people, and you may even find that you will start to understand what makes us so weird at times :-). I’m passionate about language and culture and I have followed many language courses myself over the years. I love to travel, and have lived several years abroad in different cities and countries. Actually, I have only recently moved to Eindhoven. That’s why I speak, though with different degrees of fluency, English, French, Spanish, Polish and German as a second language. Dutch is fun (and actually not really that difficult!). So I hope to see you soon!


      My name is Beatriz García de la Sen and I come from Madrid. I am a Clinical Psychologist and Teacher. Throughout my professional life I have been lucky to work with students of different ages and from all of them I have taken great lessons. But the best of them has been that to learn something new you have to be motivated, interested and in the learning process you need to have good fun. I have worked both in Spain and in Ireland in language teaching and in the last years of my career in Spain I have been taking English coordination of the different stages, Primary and Secondary. I love the idea of ​​being part of the project "Una Paloma Blanca" as together we will approach the world of languages ​​in a playful, experiential, respectful and close way. I am convinced that if you embark on this adventure you will not regret it and you will take with you a big bag of


        Mijn naam is Antonio Gutierrez en ik ben leraar bij UNA PALOMA BLANCA. Ik kom uit Alicante en woon sinds een jaar of 4 in Nederland. In de afgelopen jaren heb ik in Rotterdam veel mensen blij gemaakt door hen Spaans te leren en het lijkt me geweldig dit vanaf deze zomer ook in Eindhoven te kunnen doen! Er zijn veel redenen om talen te leren: Je gaat op reis, je gebruikt het voor je werk, je partner spreekt een andere taal of je vindt het gewoon leuk om aan andere taal te leren. Door mijn kennis van buitenlandse talen met je te delen hoop ik dat een nieuwe taal op een leuke en efficiënte manier onderdeel wordt van jouw curriculum. Onze methodiek is er op gericht om een nieuwe taal op een energieke en eenvoudige manier te leren begrijpen, vandaar dat de leermethode gebaseerd is op het leren van een taal door middel van speelse activiteiten en leuke gesprekken aan de hand van het boek en de actualiteit. Ik hoop je te zien bij UNA PALOMA BLANCA! :))


          My name is Deseree Gonzalez and I am now residing in the Netherlands. I"ve been an artist my whole life; doodling on my poor mother"s walls and other flat surfaces in the house was my way of telling the world that I liked to be creative and draw. So I went to school for it, but along the way I figured out that I also like teaching. I am a pretty funny gal who likes to make learning as fun for others at it is for me. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I know what you"re going to say; it can be really cold here, but I like it anyway. I don"t handle sunshine very well so it works out. Miami is a melting pot of many different cultures, so I have been surrounded my whole life by people from all over the world. As a Hispanic-American, I realize the importance that language has around the world. I grew up bilingual, with Spanish as a second language, so I speak from experience when I say with that the more languages you speak and learn the world becomes a much cozier place. And now, as I am learning Dutch, I have come to realize the importance of making the language learning experience an amazing one. That realization will help to serve others as they learn English or improve their English skills.


            Hello! My name is Nina de Wit and recently I’m part of the ‘Una Paloma Blanca-team’! I will do the Dutch lessons. I’m a citizen in Eindhoven and I live in the Rochusbuurt. A few years ago I was an independent graphic designer and in the meantime I am a teacher in a group 8 at a primary school. I really love the children, but I would like to extend my experiences in adult education. With a textbook as a starting point, you will playfully learn using the beautiful Dutch language. Hopefully I’ll see you soon at ‘De Witte Duif’ ;)!


              Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Irene Muñoz Chandia and I’m teaching Dutch at the most fun language school in The Netherlands: Una Paloma Blanca. I was born and raised in Holland (region Noord-Brabant), but I have a Chilean dad and my mum lives in Italy. I am crazy about different cultures, which makes me fit in the Paloma Blanca team. Three days a week I work as a speech-therapist in a practice. The other days I work for my own enterprise, which specializes in the voice, singing lessons, presentation technique and pronunciation. For example I teach a lot of employees of Fontys Hogescholen, University of Tilburg and the Technical University of Eindhoven. My background as speech-therapist and coach is very valuable for my Dutch lessons. I can help you realize and understand the perfect pronunciation of Dutch. My background as therapist creates a relaxed and safe environment during my lessons, so everybody finds their space to master the Dutch language in a fun way. Hope to see you soon!


                Hi guys! I'm Jess, an English teacher, outgoing and Canadian karaoke queen travelling and living in the Netherlands on and off since 2003. I will help you talk the talk so you can walk the walk. If you ask me about my past travels, or about karaoke, you might need to book a few extra hours at Una Paloma Blanca, so much fun!


                  Hoi! Im Anna, new at Una Ploma Blanca and full of energy to start! I hope to see you In the beginner group lessons!


                    My name is Chloé, I’m French, and I just arrived in Eindhoven where I’m teaching French. I studied French language and literature for years at university, I love literature, art, music, and movies, and my favorite thing is to share my passions with other – and what best way to do it than being a teacher? I really like interacting with other cultures: I lived in Germany for a while, then worked for the Swedish Institute in Paris, and that’s what I’m still doing here in Una Paloma Blanca. When I’m not busy trying to make French conjugations understandable or revealing the secrets of our famous accent, I’m listening to music, going to gigs, and writing about it for rock and metal publications. French is a beautiful language and French culture is full of interesting things; I’m looking forward to share it with you!


                      ¡Hola! Me llamo Bei ¿y tú? Although I am blond and with pale skin, I am not Dutch!! I am from Madrid and I am one of the Spanish teachers of “Una Paloma Blanca” :D I was born in Spain, but my desire to learn and to live new experiences overtakes borders, and brings me here, to Eindhoven. This city has given me the opportunity to form myself as a teacher, working at “International School of Eindhoven” and being Spanish teacher at “Una Paloma Blanca”. It is not just a language school, here you enjoy playing games and have fun while you are progressing! I recommend this academy to all of you!


                        My name is Paloma and I am a teacher at UNA PALOMA BLANCA. I was born in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), maybe you know this city because it was the place where one of the most famous spanish writers bornt, Miguel de Cervantes: En un lugar de la Mancha de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme... I am a Primary teacher, specialist in Special Education and currently I am living in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands (in this case known for its lights and bulbs). Education world always has been amazing for me. It is incredible to teach people, in this case SPANISH, the second most spoken language in the world. I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!


                        Bye Bye Winter

                        Bye Bye Winter

                        Are you ready to say Bye Bye Winter? Meet us on the 17th of March at 20:00!

                        Universidad Europea de Madrid

                        Universidad Europea de Madrid

                        Una Paloma Blanca - Language School does a collaboration with Universidad Europea de Madrid, together with the Department of Education.

                        Una Paloma Blanca meets De Bibliotheek Eindhoven!

                        Una Paloma Blanca meets De Bibliotheek Eindhoven!

                        Una Paloma Blanca Language School teaches Dutch at The Library of Eindhoven! We believe learning a language is all about experiencing it. Rather than sitting in a classroom and studying from a textbook we think it should be about meeting people, practicing as much as you can and discovering the culture of the new language that you want to speak. And what better way to do that while preparing and enjoying a real Dutch dinner? Join us!

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                        The school of UNA PALOMA BLANCA is only at 10 minutes walking
                        of the Eindhoven train station and a direct bus stops in front of our door. If you have a car, you can
                        park for free at the school or in the Rochus neighborhood that is close by.

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